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CanalPro NaOCl 3%, 6% & CanaPro Extra NaOCl 6%

Dung dịch NaOCl

COLTENE is a Swiss public company.

In 1990, the Swiss Coltene AG joined forces with the American company Whaledent Inc., a producer of technical dental consumables established in 1956 in New York. Since then, the combined Coltène/Whaledent brand has brought many innovative high quality products in all th efield of Dentistry.
COLTENE has state-of-the-art production facilities in Switzerland, the United States, Germany.


  • Diệt khuẩn
  • Làm trơn ống tủy (dụng cụ dễ thao tác hơn)
  • Hòa tan các mô hữu cơ (mô tủy…)
CanalPro NaoCl 3%, 6%

Dung dịch bơm rửa buồng tủy

CanaPro Extra NaOCl 6%

Dung dịch bơm rửa buồng tủy

Mạnh hơn gắp hai lần

CanalPro NaOCl 3, 6 CanalPro NaOCl Extra
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