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New! New designed from Ultradent – Uveneer Extra


Uveneer Extra templates provide the option of four new upper anterior designs: Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Square.

To complement the original Uveneer templates, they also:

  • Create natural-looking contours on composite restorations • Require minimal adjusting or polishing, saving time
  • Mimic real tooth anatomy for authentic, natural results
  • Are molded based on scanned teeth from Dr. Jan Hajto’s work
  • Add to the unique potential of the patient’s smile
  • Possess all of the trusted qualities of the Original Uveneer templates, but with a new design
  • Work with any preferred composite •
  • Are autoclavable* and reusable, making them a cost-effective choice

All in one times!



✔️ Composite veneers

✔️ Temporaries

✔️ Mock-up

✔️ Filling Class IV, V

✔️ Repair Porcelain Veneer

The full Uveneer Extra template system kit features 24 templates in total, including four sizes: Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Square.

Each size consists of six maxillary templates from canine to canine.

Each Uveneer Extra template is numbered to correspond with tooth number and template size to assist in correct placement.




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